About Martine Klein

Originally from NYC with 20+ years experience working in Real Estate in Southern California. My current position allows me to assist with the most substantial investment in a person's lifetime. I appreciate that I am trusted to handle these complex transaction and that my clients are comfortable knowing I have their best interest in mind. Now working in estate solutions, I am providing a full spectrum of services now offering both real estate and personal property liquidation. Current clients include both residential and commercial. Currently in a new position at Caliber Retail Properties as director of business development, on investments in commercial and mixed-use development projects. My experience in real estate has enabled me to work in various capacities from short sales to investment properties and single family homes, to commercial and mixed-use development. I work with investors to secure properties to add to their portfolios and help first time home buyers make their dreams come true. I find it gratifying to work with people at times when assistance is most needed. My greatest reward, in this position, is to be helpful and to bring happiness to people's lives and my current work allowing for both. Being educated in fashion, my early career was focused on fashion design, marketing, costuming, sales and consulting. For 10+ years, I lived and traveled around the world designing and buying for manufacturers and premier boutiques throughout the US. Over time, I developed an interest in real estate and at this time my emphasis has shifted to real estate on a full-time basis. I am glad to be able to incorporate my creativity into my work, as a realtor, helping people to improve their lives by investing in real estate.