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The Residential Real Estate Expert

With over 20 years of experience, getting the job done and having all involved satisfied with the process and happy with the transaction is the highlight of Martine’s work.  Her residential operation partners with lenders, construction, engineering, escrow, and more to cover a full range of needs specific to each unique client. 

  • E-Pro Certified
  • RCS-D Certified
  • REO Certified
  • International Property Speciality
  • National Commercial Real Estate Advisor
  • Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor
  • Speaks English, Spanish, and French





The Caliber Difference

Caliber real estate group provides the commercial side of the services we extend. We are a full service real estate advisory, and strategic development services company. Proud to be offering both residential and commercial services to assist all or clients with any needs they require. Let Calber Services provide you with the benefits of 30 years of experience on your side. We are offering a 1/2 hour private consultation with Caliber company president Bart Pebbles that will surely include valuable market updates and trends that will assist in maximizing the value of any property. Visit Caliber Today! 

  • Property Stabilization through Asset Performance Optimization
  • Performance Systems & Resources
  • Portfolio Development & Value-Add Repositioning
  • Superior Industry & Market Knowledge
  • Creative Visionary - Anticipating/Adapting - Problem Solving
  • Current Information about Trends, Projections, and Custom Detailed Analysis
  • Industry Contacts and Reputation Earned
  • Exceptional Services, Delivering on Time

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